Interdisciplinary facilitation

Client: University of Exeter

Interdisciplinary workshop facilitation for Climate Change and Sustainable Futures

Placewise designed and delivered a two-day interdisciplinary facilitation workshop. The client was Climate Change and Sustainable Futures (CCSF) at the University of Exeter. The aim of the workshop was to bring together senior academics from across the University of Exeter. All the participants were working on topics related to Climate Change and Sustainable Futures. A wide variety of academic disciplines were represented.

Prior to the retreat participants were given a short online survey to complete. The survey established which of the other participants they already knew. Placewise mapped the connections between people.

On the first day, Placewise facilitated a series of activities that were designed to rapidly introduce participants to each other and establish potential areas for collaboration. Activities undertaken included ‘speed updating’, setting the scene, matching ideas and expertise, identifying and developing funding opportunities and developing research projects.

On the second day, a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style format enabled newly formed groups of research professionals to clarify potential research topics and present their ideas to an expert panel. The panel consisted of three ‘judges’ who evaluated the proposals and ranked them according to their innovativeness, suitability and viability. After a short period of deliberation the judges awarded the most successful consortium ‘seed corn’ funding for their research.

A short follow-up survey enabled us to identify who the key participants were for ‘bridging’ and ‘brokering’ interdisciplinary research on Climate Change and Sustainable Futures at the University of Exeter.

At least one collaborative research proposal resulted from the workshop: ‘Bridging the Gap G360’. As a consequence of facilitation by Placewise, a Climate Change and Sustainable Futures interdisciplinary research team submitted a bid to EU Framework 7 about geoengineering.

Methods include 'musical chairs'

Climate Change and Sustainable Futures